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Disney+ series “Loki,” “WandaVision” and “The Mandalorian,” will arrive on 4K disc – this fall


STARTING SEPTEMBER 26, Disney Company will release the Disney+ series “Loki: The Complete First Season.” on physical discs 4K Ultra HD and Blu-ray. On November 28 it’s the three Emmy-winning “WandaVision: The Complete Series” and on December 12th the 14 Emmy-winning “The Mandalorian: The Complete First and Second Seasons.”

This clearly is a major turn toward physical media for Disney, and hopefully the future release of catalog theatrical titles.

Marvel Studios’ “Loki” features the God of Mischief as he steps out of his brother’s shadow. Set after the events of Avengers: Endgame, this action-packed, time-defying thriller stars Tom Hiddleston as the title characters with Owen Wilson as agent Mobius. The release is just before Season Two hits Disney+ in October 2023.


Designing the TVA – Step into the incredible set of Loki Season 1 with Production Designer, Kasra Farahani, and Tom Hiddleston while getting a sneak peek into Season 2.

The Official TVA Orientation Video – Miss Minutes explains the inner workings of the TVA timeline in her orientation video.

Gag Reel – Take a look at some of the fun outtakes on set with the cast and crew of Loki Season 1.

Deleted Scene: Loki’s Coronation – Mobius reviews some moments from Loki’s timeline, in which Frog Thor makes an appearance during Loki’s coronation.

Deleted Scene: The Standoff – Loki holds Sylvie hostage against the TVA in a standoff.

Assembled: The Making of Loki – Loki explores the series centering on the MCU’s chief mischief maker.


Video – The series was captured on 6K digital cameras (2.35:1 aspect ratio, but the press release posted 1.78:1 and mastered in TRUE 4K. The encoding will be on two 100GB discs and more likely only HDR10 grading. Disney hasn’t produced Dolby Vision grading on physical discs for a number of years.

Audio – Eight-channel Dolby Atmos will be made available.


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