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Shout Select salutes “The Deer Hunter” 4K Ultra HD - May 26

Updated: Feb 14, 2021


Mount Baker in the state of Washington subs for the Pennsylvania Allegheny Mountains as Michael (Robert De Niro) and his buddies go deer hunting just before heading to Vietnam.

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SHOUT SELECT will be releasing No. 53 from the American Film Institute's 100 Greatest American Films of All Time - 10th Anniversary list with Michael Cimino's "The Deer Hunter: Collector's Edition" on 4K Ultra HD.

The 2-disc 4K + Blu-ray combo pack arrives on May 26, the day after Memorial Day loaded with new bonus features.

"The Deer Hunter" won five Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Director, Best Supporting Actor for Christopher Walken, Best Sound and Best Film Editing.

The gripping story follows a group of Pennsylvania steelworkers from their blue-collar lives, hunting in the woods of the Alleghenies, to the hell of Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War. Robert De Niro and Christopher Walken star in this unforgettable saga of friendship and courage. Experience the brutality of war and the depths of emotional strain on the human spirit in this extraordinarily powerful film classic.

(1) The Russian Orthodox wedding of Steven (John Savage) and Angela (Rutanya Alda). (2) As POW's Michael and Steven are held in rat-infested waters by the Viet Cong. (3) The harrowing sequences of Russian roulette in Saigon with Nick (Christopher Walken). Natural film grain dances across each frame from cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond.


4K disc

Commentary with cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond and journalist Bob Fisher

Blu-ray disc

NEW - We Don’t Belong Here – an interview with actor John Savage

NEW - The War At Home – an interview with actress Rutanya Alda

NEW - A National Anthem – an interview with producer Michael Deeley

NEW - This is Not About War – interview with post-production supervisor Katy Haber and Universal Marketing executive Willette Klausner

Commentary with cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond and journalist Bob Fisher

Interview with film critic David Thomson

Deleted and Extended Scenes

Theatrical Trailer

Radio Spots

Still Gallery


No details were provided by Shout, but European based StudioCanal scanned the original 35mm negative in 4K (2.35:1 aspect ratio) in 16bit in 2018. The restoration was completed at Silver Salt in London, which created a restored 4K DCP and HDR10 version for home entertainment release in the U.K.


DTS-HD six-channel sound and DTS-original Stereo surround



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