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The start of something great – “Columbia Classics Coll. Vol. 1” 4K (disc) - six movies - June 16

Updated: Feb 14, 2021


THE OFFICIAL WORD just came down from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, as they unveil its first of four major 4K Ultra HD box sets on June 16. All six films are mastered in TRUE 4K from the original camera negative and feature HDR toning for expansive contrast levels and a much wider palette of colors.

Obviously the date is influx with the COVID-19 pandemic unless the 8,000 limited edition box sets have already been manufactured and packaged.

The first box set includes Academy Award Best Picture winners “Lawrence of Arabia” (1962) and “Gandhi” (1982), and other classics - Frank Capra’s “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” (1939), Stanley Kubrick’s doomsday comedy “Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb” (1964), Penny Marshall’s sports comedy “A League of Their Own” (1992) and Cameron Crowe’s sports romcom “Jerry Maguire” (1996).

IF you remember last summer Sony gave you the opportunity to vote for your favorite films for possible release on 4K disc. All of the movies in the first box set were on that list.

What could be next: Ang Lee’s adaptation of Jane Austen’s “Sense and Sensibility” (1995), Frank Capra’s “It Happened One Night” (1934) and “Lost Horizon” (1937), Wolfgang Petersen’s WWII classic “Das Boot” (1981) and “In the Line of Fire” (1993), Elia Kazans gritty On the Waterfront (1954), Tim Burton’s “Big Fish” (2003), Martin Scorsese’s “The Age Innocence” (1993), the insider sports story “Moneyball” (2011), Paul Greengrass’ true thriller “Captain Phillips” (2013), James L. Brooks’ comedy “As Good as It Gets” (1997), James Ivory’s “The Remains of the Day” (1993), and one more from Penny Marshall “Awakenings” (1990).

Give us your selections that should be included? Add your comment below.


A GORGEOUS hardbound 80-page book, featuring in-depth sections about the making of each film within the set via an all-new essay written by acclaimed film historian Julie Kirgo. 

An exclusive disc featuring excerpts from Columbia Pictures’ televised 50th-anniversary special, which originally aired in 1975 and has never been officially available.  These excerpts feature rare on-camera insights from such luminaries as Frank Capra, Phil Silvers, and Orson Welles. This exclusive disc also includes the vintage behind-the-scenes documentary “Mr. Attenborough and Mr. Gandhi,” which was filmed on the set of GANDHI and features interviews with cast and crew.

“Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” (1939)

Blu-ray extras:

Commentary with Frank Capra Jr., Frank Capra Jr. Remembers... Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Conversations with Frank Capra Jr.: The Golden Years, Conversations with Frank Capra Jr.: A Family History, Frank Capra: Collaboration, The Frank Capra I Knew, Frank Capra’s American Dream Feature-Length Documentary and Domestic & International Theatrical Trailers


“Lawrence of Arabia” (1962)

Two 4K discs to provide the highest quality

NEW: Unused International Prologue on the 4K disc

Blu-ray extras:

Secrets of Arabia: Feature-Length Picture-in-Graphics Track,

Peter O’Toole Revisits Lawrence of Arabia

Making of Lawrence of Arabia Documentary, Deleted Balcony Scene with Introduction by Anne V. Coates

The Lure of the Desert: Martin Scorsese on Lawrence of Arabia

A Conversation with Steven Spielberg

Wind, Sand and Star: The Making of a Classic (1963 & 1970 Versions)

Maan, Jordan: The Camels Are Cast, In Search of Lawrence

Romance of Arabia

King Hussein Visits Lawrence of Arabia Set

In Love with the Desert Documentary

Lawrence at 50: A Classic Restored

Archival Interviews, Steven Spielberg on Lawrence of Arabia, William Friedkin on Lawrence of Arabia and Sydney Pollack on Lawrence of Arabia

"Dr. Stranglove or: How Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb" (1964)

4K disc extras:

NEW: “Stanley Kubrick Considers the Bomb” Featurette

Mick Broderick Interview

Joe Dunton and Kelvin Pike Interview

Richard Daniels Interview

David George Interview

Rodney Hill Interview

Archival Stanley Kubrick Audio Interview

The Today Show Clips featuring Peter Sellers and George C. Scott

Exhibitor Trailer

Theatrical Trailer



Two 4K discs to provide the highest quality

Blu-ray extras:

Introduction & Commentary with Director Richard Attenborough

Gandhi’s Legacy: Feature-Length Picture-in-Graphics Track

Special Feature Blu-ray Includes:

Sir Ben Kingsley Talks about Gandhi

Vintage Newsreel Footage

In Search of Gandhi

Reflections on Ben

Madeleine Slade: An Englishwoman Abroad

The Funeral

Looking Back

Shooting an Epic in India

Designing Gandhi

From the Director’s Chair

The Words of Mahatma Gandhi

The Making of Gandhi Photo Montage

"A League of Their Own"

4K disc extras:

Domestic and International trailers

Blu-ray extras:

NEW: 3 episodes from the 1993 TV series, “A League of Their Own”

Commentary with director Penny Marshall and cast members Lori Petty, Tracy Reiner and Megan Cavanagh

Nine Memorable Innings Documentary

Deleted Scenes

The Enduring Legacy of A League of Their Own

“This Used to Be My Playground” Music Video by Madonna


"Jerry Maguire"

4K disc extra:

NEW: “The Fast Times and Long Career of Cameron Crowe” episode of the “Here’s The Thing” podcast, hosted by Alec Baldwin and produced by WNYC Studios

Blu-ray extras:

Picture-in-Picture Commentary with Cameron Crowe, Tom Cruise, Renée Zellweger & Cuba Gooding, Jr.

Jerry Maguire: We Meet Again 3-Part Documentary

Nearly 1 Hour of Deleted & Extended Scenes

Behind the Scenes at the Video Commentary

The Making of Jerry Maguire

Photo Gallery

“My First Commercial” by Rod Tidwell

Drew Rosenhaus: “How to Be a Sports Agent”

Original Deleted & Alternate Scenes

Rehearsal Footage

“Secret Garden” Music Video by Bruce Springsteen

Theatrical Trailer



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