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The official Lionsgate announcement of “The Doors: The Final Cut” arrives on 4K Ultra HD - July 23

Updated: May 22, 2019


LIONSGATE PRESENTS a stunning new 4K restoration — "The Doors: The Final Cut" — supervised by director Oliver Stone and brought to life with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, which will take audiences back in time, into the world and sound of the psychedelic ‘60s when the film arrives on 4K Ultra HD Combo Pack and Digital 4K Ultra HD on July 23.

Relive Val Kilmer’s mesmerizing performance as the legendary Jim Morrison, alongside stellar performances from Meg Ryan, Kevin Dillon, and Kyle MacLachlan, who tell the story of The Doors’ humble beginnings in Los Angeles to the height of their popularity.

"I wanted the film to be as immersive as possible to a real ‘60s Doors experience. Additionally, I’ve made one cut of three minutes to a scene I thought was superfluous to the ending, which helps close out the film in a more powerful way.” - Director Oliver Stone

Remastered from the original negative that was scanned in 4K 16-bit on ARRISCAN at FotoKem US, the restoration was managed by L’Immagine Ritrovata in Italy with the close support of Oliver Stone who oversaw the color grading. The Dolby Atmos mix was created at Formosa Group under the supervision of Dolby and the original sound editors of the film: Wylie Stateman and Lon Bender. This new mix will offer audiences a unique, immersive experience of the amazing film soundtrack, which includes over twenty-five songs from The Doors back catalogue. 


Oliver Stone Commentary, NEW: Oliver Stone’s Interview and NEW: Sound Engineer Lon Bender’s Interview




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