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Martin Campbell’s adventure “The Mask of Zorro” arrives on Sony 4K Ultra HD - May 5

Updated: Feb 14, 2021


GREAT NEWS from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, as they are releasing “The Mask of Zorro,” considered one of the best action-adventure films of the 1980s onto 4K Ultra HD on May 5.

Also, the 2005 sequel, "The Legend of Zorro" will also be available for digital purchase in 4K/HDR on the same day.

Director Martin Campbell ("Casino Royale") teams up with executive producer Steven Spielberg to bring the first Hollywood production of creator Johnston McCulley's Zorro in over four decades.

The backdrop is 18th Century Mexico, Anthony Hopkins plays the original Zorro, a.k.a. Don Diego de la Vega, and Antonio Banderas as his chosen successor Alejandro Murrieta, a dashing bandit-turned-hero, to defeat the tyrant's unscrupulous plans to buy California from Mexico. But can even their combined skills, bravado and derring-do be enough to achieve de la Vega's ultimate goal: revenge against the man Don Raphael Montero (Stuart Wilson) who killed his wife, and kidnapped his daughter (Catherine Zeta-Jones).


Never-Before-Seen Deleted Scenes and Theatrical Trailers (4K disc) Director Commentary, “Unmasking Zorro” Documentary, 2 Deleted Scenes and Music Video by Marc Anthony and Tina Arena (Blu-ray disc)


VIDEO: 4K Scanned from the original camera negative (2.39:1 aspect ratio)

HDR10 and no details if it will include Dolby Vision or HDR10+

AUDIO: All-new Dolby Atmos and the original six-channel theatrical audio




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