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Disney opening the vaults? “Heat” & “Speed” targeted for 4K Ultra HD - May 25

Updated: Feb 5, 2021


Possible jackets for the U.S. and Germany release

RUMORS ARE running through Hollywood that Disney may be opening the vaults to release 4K Ultra HD versions of Michael Mann’s “Heat” (1995) and Jan de Bont’s directorial debut “Speed” (1994), which made Sandra Bullock a star.

Last fall it had been reported that Disney Studios Home Entertainment was no longer going to release catalog live-action movies onto physical 4K Ultra HD discs. That would include its rich library of films from the 1990s and 2000s from Touchstone and Hollywood Pictures, plus the recently acquired 20th Century Fox library, which now includes “Heat” and “Speed.

Physical disc lovers were outraged by the news, but the release of the upcoming action thrillers could be a sign that the studio is still open to physical media.

Warner Bros. had distribution rights to “Heat” up to 2015, but its ownership was controlled by Regency Entertainment, and their library became part of Fox. “Heat: Director’s Definitive Edition” Blu-ray was released by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment in 2017, sourced from the new 4K master, and included previous extras and a new filmmakers panel moderated by director Christopher Nolan.

Plus, “Heat” has been available in 4K with HDR10 on digital platforms for over two years. Vudu has it listed with 20th Century Fox and Apple (iTunes) with Warner Bros.

Every 4K fans should purchase the discs to send Disney the message their business is worth their attention and to ensure 4K discs continue to be the very best format to watch movies.



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